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What is Microblading?
Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo performed by a manual tattooing technique to mimic the flow of natural hair. The pigment is implemented in to the skin with a sterile, disposable needle to create the appearance of fuller, natural eyebrows. 
Where can I find service pricing?
Service prices are listed on the                         page.
How many sessions are needed?
Two sessions are required to complete the design. The touch up session is not included in the first initial payment. The design heals depending on the client's lifestyle and skin type. Heal time typically ranges between 4 - 6 weeks. Touch ups must be done within 6 - 10 weeks following the first session. The number of sessions depends on clients style preference and skin type. Annual Rates are offered to enhance the eyebrows annually. 
How will my new microbladed brows be shaped?
Every design is based upon the clients individual needs. During the brow mapping process Ash will design the new eyebrows using an artist technique that allows her to shape the brows based on the clients facial structure. Ashley's goal is to create a shape that is natural and compliments the client. All designs are approved by the client before the microblading process begins. 
How long does microblading last?
Due to the depth of the design in the epidermis the design is likely to soften over a period of time. The healed results vary depending on the client's lifestyle, diet and skin type. Sun exposure, iron deficiency and the color used may all be factors of how the skin heals. Please note that the final results cannot be guaranteed as each client's skin holds and breaks down pigment differently. At the touch up there will be an evaluation to see how the skin has received the pigment, with a more accurate timeline to when an enhancement may be needed.
Can I receive microblading while pregnant or nursing?
As a precautionary, NO microblading is performed on pregnant or nursing women. 

What If I take (use)

Not applicable until 12 months without use 
Must stop use 2 weeks prior and post appointment
Accepted with doctors note, or post treatments
Accepted 4 weeks prior and 4 weeks post appointment
Existing Permanent Makeup
Not all permanent makeup can be covered. Consultations are mandatory.
Keloid Scarring
History of scarring must have doctors acceptance waiver
Avoid High Intensity workouts for 10 - 14 days. Low to moderate exercise is okay with minimal sweating.
Contact Ashley via email to receive a list of ingredients and products used.

Studio Policies

The reschedule/cancellation policy is a minimum of 48 hours. Any no-shows or cancellations within 48 hours will forfeit their deposit and will be required to re-book a new appointment with an additional deposit. $100 deposit is required to book. 
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